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Hey there! 
It's been a few weeks since I uploaded the last journal. As you might see, I'm currently just posting some random stuff, nothing really special and nothing really awesome. The last weeks I had a terrible lack of creativity which may be connected to a very heavy case of demotivation due to my current school situation (Holidays are upon, all the tests are done, but still so much to do for basically nothing).
BUT: At least the creativity and motivation for private stuff is coming back and at the moment I am working on a few different projects.
First project: I developed a Fantasyworld for a Dungeons&Dragons PnP I'll play with my friends in a few weeks. The world is not complete yet, neither is the story. So I'm working on a character-, race-, class- and fighting-system to make it a bit more easy to play. Also I'm devising new creatures and characters for the story. Cause it's a mostly new world and scenario, I'm doing a lot of sketches and drawings about that world. So, when world and story are finished, I'll upload some concept drawings here on DA.

Second project: A more quick project: I have the honor to create a poster for my music class! Yes indeed, I'm able to better my music grade (I'm very very bad at music) by making a drawing and presenting it :D I'll make a poster for the opera "Carmen" we are working on in class currently. When it's finished, I'll show it ;)

Third (and for myself most important) project: "Of Downfall and Decline"
Maybe you might have noticed that I started a comic project :D I made up a concept like a month ago and a few weeks ago I started drawing the first pages!
The story will be about a couple, living in a post apocalyptic world, about 100 years after the disaster that destroyed civilization. 
It's somehow a cliche-like story... but the fuck? Who the hell should make up REALLY original and un-cliché storys and concepts these days? :D I wont tell too much about the story itself, but here's a picture showing the main characters (Well... Tyra only from behind, but...)
'Holy blood, that's a weird guy!' by DracoScatchmore

I'll use the comic as some kind of sandbox to start working digitally, training my drawing and coloring skills. So don't expect it to be a graphic eye candy :D But that's the point, I hope to get better with the time during the process of that comic.
Also, I have no idea on how long that comic will last. I have an idea for the general plot and for a few things to happen, but the most part of the project will happen by chance. 

So that's it for the moment! 

Have a nice evening, night, day or whatever time it is where you are!

- Draco

PS: We're also making a movie in art class within the next weeks, so maybe I'll also upload that video here when it's done ;)
Stay tuned!
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Dracobald Scatchmore
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I love to draw and sketch in my sketchbook (which I always take with me), so the most things I'll upload will be rough sketches. I think I wont submit a lot of colorful pictures... for some reason I hate to paint and color my pictures :D
Apart from my drawings I will upload some stuff emerged from my workbench, because I am a tinkerer and crafter, so there will be some Steampunk-Creations and stuff like that ;)

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